Our people are the heart and soul of River Design Group and create an outstanding environment for professional results.  We are a team that knows each other’s strengths and we leverage them to create sound solutions to complex problems in restoration.   Many of our staff have been working together for over 10 years and have created a family environment that is good for our health and our clients!

Matt Daniels, PE
Matt Daniels, PEPrincipal Engineer
John Muhlfeld
John MuhlfeldPrincipal Hydrologist
Scott Wright, PE, PMP, BC.WRE
Scott Wright, PE, PMP, BC.WREPrincipal Engineer
Troy Brandt, FP-C
Troy Brandt, FP-CPrincipal Biologist
Andy Belski, PLS
Andy Belski, PLSPrincipal Land Surveyor
Selita Ammondt, GISP
Selita Ammondt, GISPGIS Analyst & Ecologist
Nate Wyatt, PE
Nate Wyatt, PEWater Resources Engineer
Russell Bartlett, PE, LSI
Russell Bartlett, PE, LSIWater Resources Engineer
Josh Lenderman, PLS
Josh Lenderman, PLSSurvey Party Chief
Pete Gruendike
Pete GruendikeFisheries Biologist & GIS Analyst
Melanie Klym, PE, RG/LG, ENV SP
Melanie Klym, PE, RG/LG, ENV SPWater Resources Engineer & Geologist
Chris Smith, PE, CFM, CWRE
Chris Smith, PE, CFM, CWREWater Resources Engineer
Jenna Walsh, EIT
Jenna Walsh, EITWater Resources Engineer
Chris Nelson, PE, CFM
Chris Nelson, PE, CFMWater Resources Engineer
Jack Zunka, PhD, PG
Jack Zunka, PhD, PGGeomorphologist & GIS Analyst
Travis Forsman, CESCL
Travis Forsman, CESCLEngineering/Survey Technician
Dakota Whitman
Dakota WhitmanFluvial Geomorphologist
Liz Pratt, EIT
Liz Pratt, EITWater Resources Engineer
Erin McGowan
Erin McGowanEcologist
Luke Johnson, EIT
Luke Johnson, EITProject Engineer
David Busby
David BusbyFluvial Geomorphologist
Cassidy B. Cote, PE
Cassidy B. Cote, PEWater Resources Engineer
Liam Christman, EIT
Liam Christman, EITWater Resources Engineer
Gary Decker
Gary DeckerSenior Hydrologist
Deirdre Cook
Deirdre CookOperations Manager
Kevin Jacks, LSI
Kevin Jacks, LSISurvey Party Chief
Toby Ferguson
Toby FergusonOffice Survey Technician
Loren Smith
Loren SmithAutoCAD Drafting Technician