Arian Brazenwood
Arian BrazenwoodEcologist
Arian grew up nomadically moving across the United States as a child. Arian gained a deep appreciation for the natural world having experienced so much of it through travel at a young age. From the barrier island systems of the Gulf Coast and Outer Banks to the high elevation deserts and prairies of the Southern Rockies, he grew an innate appreciation for the incredible variety of plants across gradients of latitude and elevation. With a mental map in mind of the landscape’s flora, he pursued a scientific education to understand the biogeographic phenomena he had come to appreciate.

Through an undergraduate education in Natural Resources Management with a minor in Geography at Colorado State University, Arian acquired the fundamental skills of a botanist and spatial analyst. He then developed and applied those skills receiving an M.S. in Forest Sciences at the same institution. His research focused in on the ecological analysis of vegetation at the landscape scale. This translated to a holistic understanding of vegetative communities and how we can achieve restoration-oriented goals by working with the natural histories of flora. At RDG, Arian tackles botany, geospatial analysis and cartography for a variety of stream and wetland restoration projects.

“Anything can be accomplished with the right attitude and a strong cup of coffee!”

–Andrew Belski

Fort Collins, CO

Cache la Poudre River