Nate Wyatt, PE
Nate Wyatt, PEWater Resources Engineer
Nathan grew up in a small farm town in the outskirts of Rhode Island. With a mixture of forest and coastline Nathan developed a taste for adventure spending most of his time outside of school exploring and learning about nature.

With an affinity to learn he also enjoyed building and fixing things as he matured through the years. This later catapulted him into the world of engineering where he received a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. After graduation Nathan spent a year with an engineering firm developing ocean front condominiums in Florida before taking a reprieve from engineering to explore the country for a while. After settling in Montana, Nathan found his calling while working at River Design Group where he flourished within the world of stream restoration. He has spent the past 16 years designing and refining stream restoration projects throughout Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

“Good, better, best – Never let it rest until the good is the better and the better is the best.”


Nate went to school at Florida Institute of Technology which afforded him a beach lifestyle throughout college.  He became an avid surfer and surf fisherman competing in many contests.

Nate later returned to Rhode Island for his 10 year high school class reunion. This is where he reunited with an old friend named Jaime who ended up moving out to Montana and soon became his wife. They now enjoy three beautiful children together.

Burrillville, Rhode Island

Blackstone River