The Ninemile Creek watershed is located in the Middle Clark Fork River watershed in western Montana. Historical placer mining activities significantly altered the morphology of the Ninemile Creek valley. A placer gold boom occurred between 1874 and 1887 and mining with draglines, dredges, hydraulic hoses and sluicing continued until the late 1940s. Alluvial gravels and cobbles were worked into tailings piles ranging from 12 feet to 40 feet in elevation above the stream channel. In 2003, Trout Unlimited and the USDA Forest Service – Lolo National Forest initiated a comprehensive programed aimed to rehabilitate disturbed mining areas in the watershed. RDG has served as the engineering firm of record for six phases of restoration encompassing over five miles of stream channel, 60 acres of riparian floodplain, and seven tributary reconnections.

John Muhlfeld

Trout Unlimited
US Forest Service
Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Montana Department of Environmental Quality
Missoula County

Huson, Montana

Geomorphic Departure Analysis
LiDAR Acquisition
Preliminary and Final Design Drawings
Regulatory Permitting
Bid Package Development
Construction Management