Chris Nelson, PE, CFM
Chris Nelson, PE, CFMWater Resources Engineer
Countless days spent floating the rivers of the Western US, Canada, New Zealand and Nepal have instilled a deep appreciation for the powerful dynamics of rivers. Countless hours spent studying engineering textbooks have provided the tools to quantify those complex dynamics. A decade and a half of restoring rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest has provided Chris with the opportunity to develop experise in hydrology, hydrodynamic modeling, fluvial geomorphology, flood management, water quality modeling, and sediment transport. Chris’ project experience includes flood risk and floodplain evaluations, river engineering investigations, and design of fish passage and fish habitat restoration projects.

In a mucked up lovely river,
I cast my little fly.
I look at that river and smell it
And it makes me want to cry.
Oh to clean our dirty planet,
Now there’s a noble wish,
And I’m puttin’ my shoulder to the wheel
‘Cause I wanna catch some fish.
–Greg Brown, “Spring Wind”

Chris was a member of the US Telemark Ski Team and has had the honor of skiing with some of the fastest pinheads in the world.

Chris met his wife Christy at the Dirtbag Ball in West Glacier. Together they have two amazing daughters.

Whitefish, Montana

Flathead River

Chris grew up listening to his grandfathers’ stories of bountiful Bull Trout that once dominated the Flathead River. His hope and dream is that these fierce predators would once more roam freely.