Toby Ferguson
Toby FergusonOffice Survey Technician
Toby was born and raised in Montana. Both sides of his family homesteaded in the state in the early 1900’s. It is hard to get him lost here after having lived in Lewistown, Great Falls, Billings, Kalispell, Bozeman, Butte, Helena and Whitefish. After attending Montana State University and Flathead Valley Community College, Toby began his surveying career in 2000 which has taken him to nearly all the nooks and crannies of Montana. In working for multiple engineering firms, he gained wide ranging experience in most things surveying and mapping. Perhaps the only thing Toby has done more of than surveying is his musical endeavors. He has been performing professionally since age 16 and has enjoyed a busy schedule as an in-demand working musician ever since.

“Anything can be accomplished with the right attitude and a strong cup of coffee!”

–Andrew Belski

Andy grew up in New Mexico and has been exploring and surveying caves since he was 6 years old.

Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish Lake