Our focus is on river ecosystem restoration and we only pursue projects that align with this focus. We emphasize a balanced quantitative and qualitative approach to address project needs and limiting factors. Likewise, we understand that sound restoration is just as much about humans and relationship interactions as it is about the projects, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate the often complex process from project concept through implementation.

A value that we hold strong to is fostering excellent relationships for everyone involved in the restoration process. We believe that creating long-term, strong relationships ultimately yields better restoration projects.  As a result of our emphasis on long-term relationships, we have established trust with regulatory agencies so that they know we will uphold the highest river ethic and make sound choices that accomplish restoration goals.  Likewise, we have built the foundation of our company on repeat clients that use us because of our high level of professionalism and integrity towards the resources.  We do not have a marketing department, instead, we have a track record of satisfied clients and sound restoration projects that speak volumes about who we are and how we conduct business.

We promote healthy lifestyles for all of our staff by allowing flexible work schedules, cost-sharing in health club memberships, and time off for mental wellness. Steelhead days, powder days, and family days are part of the business culture and one example on how we strive to keep our staff sharp and invigorated about the work.