Flint Creek is located in the headwaters of the Upper Clark Fork River Basin southeast of Missoula, Montana.  The watershed has a history of disturbance resulting in altered stream processes, impaired vegetation, poor water quality, and poor aquatic habitat.  Flint Creek is listed as impaired for metals under the 303 (d) of the Clean Water Act for metals and sediment (DEQ 2012).  The source of metals contamination originates from the watershed’s extensive mining history and abandoned mine waste.  The source of sediment for the watershed is largely derived from grazing and agricultural activities in the valley floor.

River Design Group was contracted by NRDP to develop a conceptual restoration design for a one mile reach of Flint Creek.  The design will improve stream function for fish populations, improve riparian conditions for waterfowl and other wildlife, and maintain the functionality of the ranching operations occurring on the property.

Matt Daniels, PE
Ryan Richardson

State of Montana Natural Resources Damage Program

Drummond, Montana

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Fish Habitat Improvement
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