We have been working on the Klamath River Basin projects since 2009.  First, as part of a multi-disciplinary consulting team led by CDM Smith, we helped the team develop an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for potential removal of four dams on the Klamath River.  RDG was selected for the EIS team to provide leadership and expertise in dam removal and fish passage alternatives.

Informed by numerous public meetings and consultations with local and tribal governments throughout the Klamath Basin, the Final EIS analyzed the impacts and benefits across a broad spectrum, including ecological, aesthetic, historic, cultural, economic, social, and health. As part of the analysis, we also evaluated scenarios that would leave all or some of the facilities in place while meeting the goal of volitional fish passage.

In 2017 a new team, spearheaded by AECOM with our long-time partner CDM Smith, was selected by the Klamath River Renewal Corporation as a Technical Representative to move forward with restoration of the Klamath River through dam removal.

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