Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) retained RDG to complete a watershed-scale assessment and restoration prioritization plan for Wolf Lodge Creek, a tributary to Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho. Goals of the assessment were to provide a quantitative inventory of stream corridor condition in Wolf Lodge Creek and tributary streams, and to develop a restoration prioritization plan to address sediment and temperature impairments in the watershed. The final report and plan provided an overall assessment of existing watershed conditions and identified geomorphic, biologic, and aquatic habitat limiting factors. The restoration plan identified restoration opportunities to address the sources of impairment with the goal of reducing sediment contributions and lowering stream temperatures while increasing community resilience to flooding and erosion. RDG is in the process of assisting IDEQ with implementation of high priority restoration projects.

John Muhlfeld
Ryan Richardson

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Geomorphic assessment and departure analysis
Historical channel migration analysis
Riparian vegetation assessment
Bank erosion modeling and sediment quantification
Stream crossing evaluation
Restoration prioritization and cost estimating